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Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP)

TEEP was developed as an action research programme to support teachers in the UK to improve their classroom practice. The TEEP framework is a proven, well regarded and successful model which focuses on effective learner and teacher behaviours.

The training is unique in that it ‘models the model’. TEEP translates available research on teacher and learner effectiveness, places teachers in the position of learners with practitioners modelling effective teacher behaviours and encourages teachers to reflect on their practice and plan more engaging lessons.

TEEP (International) is a 2 day training programme that introduces the TEEP framework, focusing on how effective teacher and learner behaviours enhance teaching and learning. It incorporates these behaviours into the TEEP Planning Cycle with Assessment for Learning, Thinking for Learning, Collaborative Learning, Accelerated Learning and the Effective use of ICT.

SSAT Language Institute