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The Advanced Educator Programme

The Advanced Educator Programme -for inspirational educators committed to outstanding outcomes

The Advanced Educator Programme is an academically accredited professional learning programme designed for outstanding educators of all levels within a school setting. The programme instills a sense of enquiry through reflection and collaboration. Central to this is action research and coaching. Participants are expected to identify areas within their own practice and the practice of others and explore sustainable solutions to improve and innovate. In the past three years, over fifty teachers have been accredited and a number have converted this programme into a third of a Masters in Education Leadership and Management with the University of Warwick.

As a blended learning programme, participants are expected to engage in their own practice, design and deliver outcomes related to the framework provided by the course and share this with a wider network of educators. The course consists of a range of online activities, taught components, presentations, evidence collection and final submission of portfolio of the criteria. The Advanced Educator Programme is a sustainable solution to CPD and is ideal for schools that are looking to do the following:

  • Develop emerging leaders of learning within the school
  • Capture and celebrate outstanding practice within the school
  • Foster a sense of enquiry and collaboration among stakeholders
  • Create a culture of learning with the wider school community
  • Enhance coaching as a tool for school improvement

The programme focuses on the following key areas:

  • Coaching to lead – How can we improve learning through coaching?
  • Undertaking action research to improve specialist knowledge – How can action research foster enquiry?
  • Learning communities -What does a research engaged school look like?
  • Practitioner enquiry – What does reflective practitioner do?

Benefits for Educators

  • Blended professional learning programme with taught, supported and individual components
  • Opportunities to create and translate professional knowledge within a school setting
  • Academic accreditation of work completed in the programme through Warwick University
  • Opportunities to network, collaborate and share with like-minded educators on a regional and international level
  • Celebration of professional learning undertaken through SSAT networks

Benefits for Schools

  • A framework to develop and inspire outstanding educators within the school
  • Sustainable solution to CPD – leading from within
  • Opportunity to celebrate professional learning undertaken
  • Access to local network of schools undertaking the programme with opportunities for school partnerships
  • Creation of new and innovation ideas, strategies and resources that brought back to share with colleagues
  • Academic accreditation for staff with clear benefits professionally

Course details

Duration: Six two hour sessions taught over an academic year

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